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This tutorial describes in a few steps how to become a DJ over the CloneCast network.

Note : This function is not yet aviable on CloneCast, coming soon ...

1 - Download Shoutcast

Shoutcast Plugin for Winamp

Download the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp and activate it into Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect. In Output options, check connect at startup, fill the form as you want. In the Encoder options, choose the bitrate you want.

Shoutcast DNAS Server

Follow these instructions if you want to precisely configure the DNAS Server. However, the default configuration fits well and you can skip this step. Just launch it.

2 - Add your stream into the list


In the Add radio CloneCast menu, type your local strema address (, or the specified port), and check Homemade radio diffusion.

Then it's all automatic ! Once you use clonecast, your stream appears to the others which can listen to your mixes.


That's all folks.

Download now !


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